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Hello, nice to meet you!

We are a group of young mindfulness practitioners in the Plum Village tradition and would love for you to come by and say hello!
Everyone is welcome: A lot or little experience in the Plum Village tradition, familiar with a different meditation practice, or just curious – all quite wonderful.

We hope to provide community and refuge, nourishment and support for all who wish to transform their own suffering and cultivate compassion, understanding and loving-kindness for themselves, each other and the world…. and if that’s too many big words: of course we also just want to create a place for people to look inwards, meet in a safe space, connect, relax body and mind and simply arrive and be in the present moment 🙂 .
As a Wake Up Sangha, we are part of an active global network called Wake Up – Young Buddhists and Non Buddhists for a Healthy and Compassionate Society, inspired by the teachings of Zen master and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh.

We meet regularly for peer-facilitated practice evenings where we enjoy sitting, walking and singing meditation and listen deeply to each other. We usually meet on Saturday or Sunday evenings – details can be found here: Meetings.

Die meisten Aktivitäten sind auf englisch, aber viele von uns sprechen auch deutsch (und/oder andere Sprachen) und du bist natürlich herzlich eingeladen auf deutsch zu teilen. Bitte hab keine Angst vor einer potentiellen Sprachbarriere – das hat bisher noch immer gut funktioniert!

Most activities are in English, but many of us also speak German (and/or other languages) and you are of course welcome to share in your own language. Please don’t be afraid of a potential language barrier – experiencing connection and sharing has always worked well so far!