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Let’s practice together!

We usually meet on the weekend to practice together, alternating between Saturday and Sunday evenings. We meet indoors and sometimes also outdoors, depending on the availability of the room and the organisers, as well as the weather conditions.

Each evening is a little different, but all are based on a few key elements that are (almost) always part of the session. These are:
–> grounding + check in + singing
–> guided and/or silent sitting
–> walking meditation or mindful movements
–> Dharma sharing
It is also possible that we read a text together, listen to a short Dharma talk, enjoy a deep relaxation, recite the five mindfulness trainings, …
After the sessions, people often like to stay together for a little while in a more informal setting.

Please note: in order to start the evening in peace and concentration, we would like to invite you to arrive at least five minutes early. For further details please have a look at our peaceful arrival policy.

In addition to the weekend evenings, there might also be some Sangha-in-the-Park meetings in the summer, events by/with different Sanghas in Berlin that we participate in as a group, and whatever else we can think of more or less spontaneously. All regular Sangha meetings and events that are planned a little in advance appear in the calendar. Short-term changes planned on the spot might only make it to our social media groups.